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is a single-player game that encourages you to delve deep into your desire to cause trouble, make mischief, and be a menace to society. Take on the role of Carl or Caroline, the strange new folk in an idyllic suburban American town, and enact their campaign of dismay on the town in any way you see fit. Ruin picnics, sow dissent between loved ones, or just straight up steal candy from a baby, the method of petty cruelty you use to paint the town red is yours to decide.

The Suburban Discord Puzzler

Menace! is a unique blend of narrative adventure, stealth, puzzling, and player expression in a series of deep sandbox levels. Each area in the game features a set of colourful characters and scenarios for you to interact with in a wide variety of ways.

Deceive the townsfolk into doing your bidding through unique branching dialogue. Sneak through private property to steal items and find clues. Use the items you've "borrowed" together with the environment and each other to create new means of chaos.

Bothering a townsperson in the manner you find most delightful is a thrill, but distressing every inhabitant of a level with the remaining tools at your disposal is a puzzle experience that can't be found elsewhere.



Navigate the unique dialogue trees of each townsperson. Pick from varied responses in order to deceive, manipulate, and insult those around you.

Small-Town Sneaking

Steal useful items and discover clues by trespassing on the property of your neighbours, evading capture and detection utilising engaging stealth mechanics.

Dozens of Possibilities

Choose which methods of mischief would cause you the most glee, delving deep into the dozens of options and paths available to you in any one level.

Cause Discord

Know you've made enough misfortune in a level by reaching the required discord points. More discord points are gained for more devastating actions towards the townsfolk.

Reactive World

The choices you make in an area will affect the options you have. Moreso, as the dismay felt in an area increases, the weather will worsen and the colour will fade.

Goals in Mischief

Each level has a long list of challenges to complete. Each challenge corresponds to an interesting action or path through the level. Can you complete them all?

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Loaded Games is an independent games development studio based in Plymouth, England. Leveraging the advantages of a small, tight-knit team of passionate developers, and utilising ideas that are interesting, fun and unique, we attempt to fill a gap in the industry that may otherwise be left empty. We temper our ideas with a strong knowledge and appreciation of existing game design fundamentals and respect for the importance of execution in backing new concepts up. Our team utilizes a formal background in computer science, giving us the ability to transfer our games directly from idea to implementation. The result is interesting and exciting games that may be a little rough around the edges, but all in service of delivering more notable gaming experiences that can stand out in this crowded medium.

Menace! will be the first full game released by Loaded Games, but we've worked on a lot more. Click the image to see some of our game jam projects published on!

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Co-director, programmer, and designer at Loaded Games, as well as visual artist and marketing lead.


Co-director, programmer, and designer at Loaded Games, as well as business and finance lead.


Co-director, programmer, and designer at Loaded Games, as well as sound designer.

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